Trusted provider of Pacific Northwest and Alaskan seafood for over 100 years

Arctic Pearl is a diversified family-owned and operated vertically integrated fishing, cold storage, construction, and real estate development company. This forward thinking, tech-savvy organization takes pride in providing its staff with the tools to develop professionally and succeed and views the upward progression of its employees as integral to the growth and success of the company.

Our COVID-19 Response

In this amidst of COVID-19 pandemic, Arctic Pearl Group protect its team and the community from virus 

We are so confident our fish is the best​

Healthy lifestyle

Fish is a high-protein, low-fat food that provides a wide range of health benefits. It reduces the risk of heart disease and brain development. In addition, fish are low in bad fats that commonly seen in red meat therefore it is recommended by nutritionist as an important part of diet.


At Arctic Pearl Group, we are committed to maintaining sustainability and that is the core of our company mission. From catching to packaging and delivery, we take pride in taking care of our oceans and the environment seriously.

High-quality seafood

Eat your fish with confidence knowing that Arctic Pearl Group is working hard to deliver high-quality seafood to your plate that uses an environment-friendly method on catching, packaging to delivering fishes.

Best fising grounds

Our fishing grounds around Vancouver, Vancouver Island, and Southeast Alaska have a long-storied history of hosting the highest quality fish.

Fast processing time

Our fish is either frozen at the catch or the same day in our facilities. Single-frozen only, which is a huge deal to us.

Decades of experience

We have perfected the art of how to cut, fillet, dice and any whichway in between a fish with the greatest east and intention.

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products of BC and Alaska

Our customers

From nation-wide grocery stores, to your local mom and pop restaurants, our clients trust they will get the highest quality seafood on the market from us.