Pearl Group

Trusted provider of Pacific Northwest and Alaskan seafood for over 100 years.

Highest Quality Seafood

Arctic Pearl is a major BC supplier of wild and sustainable live, fresh and frozen seafood products. We purchase wild and premium seafood with our fishery and angler partners to process in our facilities. Afterwards, we bring to market our fish for clients primarily in Canada, the US, East Asia and Europe. We are a family owned business operating with several partner companies to provide the highest quality seafood at the most affordable prices.

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Exclusive Catches

Our company exclusively catches, processes and sells wild fish and shellfish native to the Pacific Northwest.  Our main traditional products are salmon, black cod and halibut. These three species make up the bulk of our sales to our traditional Canadian / American customers. However, many foreign customers purchase some of the aforementioned species, but additionally, herring, salmon roe, geoduck and sea cucumber.

We take pride on our fish

We process, package and ship these products to restaurants, grocery stores or other seafood wholesalers. Our company processes each fish and order to the customer’s liking. For example, a salmon can be filleted, cut into portions, packaged loose-individually, vacuum-sealed, etc. with an option for both fresh and frozen. Our company prides ourselves on maintaining the highest quality of fish, regardless if a customer is eating it here in Vancouver, or all the way in Hong Kong.