Premium quality, Sustainable practices,
Fair prices.

We are committed to delivering the highest quality seafood products in a socially conscious, economically responsible, and environmentally sustainable manner. Our Mission is to consistently provide our customers with a variety of top tier seafood products that taste great, and that our customers can feel great about!

To this end, we are dedicated to maintaining strong relationships with our staff and our community, implementing rigorous quality and sustainability controls at each stage of product procurement, processing, packaging, storage, and distribution, and working exclusively with reliable and reputable partners in the seafood sector.

"Our policy is zero-tolerance to seafood fraud, and illegal and harmful fishing practices."

Our promises to you:

Product expertise

We endeavor to consistently bring you the best by harnessing almost 100 years of experience, remaining engaged with the marine research community and fishing industry, utilizing the most advanced technologies and practices, and providing staff training on quality control and ecoconsciousness.

Harvesting & Processing

We work hard to build and maintain strong relationships with our carefully selected fishing partners for our wildcaught seafood. We expect all of our partners to adhere to ethical and environmentally conscious fishing practices and honest pricing. Our seamless processing and packaging operations are performed under rigorous quality control, and every product is meticulously inspected by our expert staff before leaving our facilities.


Use of high quality packaging and materials so that our products get to your doorstep safely and securely. We source our boxes, bags and seals from the highest quality vendors to ensure there are no problems during delivery.

Delivery & distribution

Our products are consumed on every continent. Our goal is to continue to build lasting relationships with industry partners and consumers in a way that aligns with our core values. We will always assess the environmental and energy efficiency of our distribution supply chains, and consistently aim to minimize our carbon footprint, while delivering premium quality and fair priced fish and seafood products to our customers.