Salmon Products

Candied Salmon (Indian Candy)

Salmon candy are strips of heavily smoked salmon, which gives a jerky-like texture. After the smoking process, each strip is brushed and glazed with sweet brown sugar, maple or birch syrup. Because of the smoking process and sugars, each piece is tangy, sweet and decadent.

Our favorite type of salmon candy are with the belly strips. They are the juiciest and richest part of the salmon – the perfect salty, sweet, caramelized jerky. The salmon is smoked over alder, cherry and / or maple, which adds the “woodsy” flavor to the fish.

Our preparation method for salmon candy follows best practices from our Indigienous and Native partners. They have perfected the art of salmon candy so much, that the product is sometimes named “Indian Candy,” but we prefer to call it salmon candy instead.