A multi-temperature facility designed to accommodate all your cold storage needs.

Cold Storage

Our Cold Storage warehouse is a multi-temperature facility designed to accommodate all your cold storage needs. A range of coolers and freezers and a temperature-controlled environment allows you to maintain a consistent temperature for all your food products. We are committed to customer-focused service, the kind that ensures every detail handled quickly and efficiently.

Customer-focused service

Our facilities have a high bay storage building with a lot of storage capacity in a relatively compact area. This technique allows us to keep our cost low and prices competitive

Automatic load and loading

With our automated system, we shorten the loading and unloading and delivery times of your packages.

Food safety handling

We make sure that your package are stored well and transport well in efficient and optimal conditions.


With our up-to-date freezer and technology, we cooperate with nature to deliver an efficient service.

Full tracking management

We track and trace the shipment for you.

Why Arctic Pearl's Cold Storage?

1. Ideal location in Richmond – we are only 10 minutes from the Vancouver International Airport.

2. Modern, state of the art, full services temperature-controlled warehouse

3. Strategically positioned in Richmond, BC

4. Facility consists of 40,000 square feet of refrigerated warehouse and 4 loading docks

Committed to putting our customers first. We make it a priority to understand our clients needs,
expectations, and goals with cold storage and their business, communicating openly and honestly to
achieve excellent results.

Committed to implementing eco-friendly refrigeration technology. Our modern facility is built to meet
and exceed industry leading safeguards for the environment, fulfilling our promise to provide state of
the art cold storage services.

Commitment to safety performance throughout our business growth. All our employees are required to go through a comprehensive safety and handling course to ensure the highest competency in and around our cold storage warehouse facility. At Arctic Pearl, our best assets are our people – that is why we only employ the best in the business.

We offer space and cold storage space available for rent in Vancouver and Richmond.


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