Groundfish is a fish or any aquatic creature that primarily lives and eat underneath a body of water. They are known as cleaner fish because it maintains the quality of ocean, river, lake, pond, aquarium or, any body of water they are living. They eat dead fish, plant-based foods, mostly algae at the surface of the water. Although they act as scavengers, they are safe to eat.

Several fish species of groundfish are halibut, flounder, cod, sole, catfish, snapper, and eel. Some species are crabs, shellfish, snails, and sharks. A common type is a flatfish and is popular in many cuisines worldwide; they are filleted and used for sushi and sashimi.

Harvesting and Freezing Method

Our bottom feeder fishes are harvested by way of Bottom Trawl, Longline, Trap (Pot), and Jig method. After catching, we freeze these fishes with Blast (IQF) and Frozen at Sea (FAS) method.

Abundant and affordable

With its many kinds, these species are available all year round and can be found anywhere in the world. Having a bountiful of supply, it is one of the most in-demand in the market today. The groundfish is an excellent choice if looking for a flavorful and low-cost fish.


Bottom in name but excellent in nutrition

They might be living in the bottom, but they provide high heart-healthy Omega-3, calcium, protein and other nutrients. Groundfish creatures are among the healthiest food we can eat. From the study of American Heart Association, these kind of seafood helps prevent heart attack and other cardiovascular problems.

Our groundfish 


Rockfish Canary

Canary Rockfish

O. pinniger

Rockfish Yelloweye

Yelloweye Rockfish

S. ruberrimus

Rockfish Widow

Widow Rockfish

S. entomelas


Cod Black


A. fimbria

Cod Linkcod


O. elongatus

Cod Pacific

Pacific Cod

G. macrocephalus

Other groundfish 

Idiot Fish

Idiot Fish

S. alascanus


Pacific Halibut

H. stenolepis

Hake Pacific

Hake (Pacific)

M. productus




© Images by / NOAA Fisheries / Arnstein Rønning