COVID-19 Response

Protecting the team and the community against the COVID-19 Pandemic


The team is dedicated and passionate about their work and  we are proud of them. With this COVID-19 pandemic, it’s a tough job but they made it possible to deliver a high-quality and sustainable seafood. The team’s safety is always our top priority so we worked with professionals and healthcare experts to have the best practice and safety protocol to protect the team from COVID-19.

Our safety practice

  • Social distancing in production, warehouse and in offices.
  • We purchases mask and shields and plexglass barriers and provide it to the team.
  • Installation of HVAC filiters.


This COVID-19 pandemic brought hardship on all of us. We at Arctic Pearl Group plays a vital role in giving back to our community. In support with the people who were hit hard in this COVID-19 pandemic, we at Arctic Pearl donated fresh fishes to our local food banks here in BC recently.


We promise that the product you have is always safe and healthy. We at Arctic Pearl practice safety protocols to make sure that the product you get are always on good hands. As customers expressed their concern about the possibility of COVID-19 transmissions on food packaging, according to FDA (Food and Drug Administration) there is nothing to be alarmed and concerned about the transmission of the virus through packaging.